Sunday, January 5, 2014

DVR recorded movie ratings for the year 2013

     I just went back and counted all the movies I blogged about, and in total there were 123 movies. This total does not count the movies I watched in the theater or on DVD, unless it was noted. This tally does not include movies I had watched and didn't want to bother blogging about. I know I blogged about really bad movies, but some were, in my opinion, so bad that I just wanted to totally forget I had wasted my time with such stupidity.
     The number 123 seems low to me. As I mentioned before, there were a lot more movies I had watched, just not wrote about. Why you may be asking, or not? Simple reason, either is was so fucken stupid or I could have cared less to count it as a movie I had seen.
      I had a week off during Christmas break and I had told myself I would watch more movies in our DVR, where the fuck did the time go? I have no idea. I ended up watching a total of about 4 movies in 9 days. It's not as if we traveled or had people over, of I was cooking a massive meal.. I just have no idea where time went. Some of it could have been that my loving hubby dragged me into watching Orphan Black, and we both were watching about 4 episodes in a row. There were a few other shows that we had recorded and we sat our asses down to watch some of those mini-marathons. Plus, don't forget about certain Christmas cartoons that MUST be watched, such as How The Grinch Stole Christmas!, and A Charlie Brown Christmas, among a few others. So see, lots of shows to watch and not enough time for movies.
     So far in this new year, which we have been in a total of 5 days, I have only watched 1 movie and that was in the theater. I hope to beat my own record of DVR movie watching this year. This time, I think I'm going to do it differently and instead of counting the movies at the end of the year. I'm just going to do it in the post.

I know this picture is old, but try and keep warm, such as Daisy is doing there. Get under the covers, and find a good movie to watch.

DVR recorded movie ratings #31

Welcome to the first post of 2014. Sadly, these movies were not watched in this new year, but rather between Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
  • American Hustle: Watched in the theater, not part of the DVR recordings.Starring Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Bradley Cooper. Wow, first scene with Christian "fixing" his hair...oh my, what a doozy. This film has very bad hair and has real good looking men looking ugly. The women, looking every part of the 70's, looked pretty damn hot. If you haven't seen this movie, go see it NOW! The storyline, characters, clothes, music, acting, you name it, is amazing. I was quite surprised by how much I liked it. I knew I was going to like it, but once I started this review, I really LOVED it! Christian and Amy are lovers who swindle money out of people who are promised more money. Jennifer plays Christian's wife and just wants to be a part of his life. Bradley plays a cop who wants to make a deal with the con-couple by setting up politicians who are being bribed with money. Jeremy plays a mayor(?) who is playing the game clean, until he gets swindled by Christian and everything falls apart. We ended up quoting Christian Bale after a while, that "there are too many people involve, everything is getting confusing." It does, for a moment, but everything is pretty plain and clear for all of us to see. I give this movie 5 Daisy-girls.
  • Amour: French movie with subtitles. An old couple's love and devotion is tested by the amount of time they have left on this Earth. Anne and Georges live a simple life. They are both retired music teachers and their only daughter is a pianist who visits them in between her tour. One day Anne has a stroke and half of her body gives in. Georges tries his best to do all that he can for her, but is also in need of some assistance for certain things he can't do for Anne. Anne has Georges promise her that he will not ever take her back to the hospital. As much as that hurts Georges, he agrees. After some time, Anne suffers another stroke and is bedridden. She no longer wants to eat or get out of bed. Georges at times, gets frustrated with her, so much that he ends up slapping her and is met up in a stunned silence between them and the viewer (me). Georges has many stories, that according to Anne, she has not heard of. One day, as he is holding her hand, he tells her a story. Next thin you know, he smothers her with a pillow until she suffocates. Georges is seen with his hands on his eyes, but finally a sense of relief for both him and Anne. This is a sad movie. We see a loving couple who take in every morsel of life that has been given to them, only to deal with grief in the end of wanting the very best for your loved one. I give this movie 5 Daisy- girls.
  • Dirty Pretty Things: Stars Audrey Tautou and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Both work in a London hotel, but it is not all what it seems to be. It is a seedy hotel where drugs are dealt and prostitutes get their moneys worth. One day a prostitute leaves and says the toilet is clogged. Chiwetel goes up and tries to fix it, only blood starts to come up. At first, I thought she aborted a bay or something to that nature. He shoves his hand in there and pulls out a heart. After some time, Audrey's character is running from authorities because somehow her visa expired or she is doing something she isn't supposed to be doing. There's a chase and she ends up getting another job where her boss suspects something and wants to be sucked off in return. Well, it turns out this seedy hotel is the place to go if you want a black market organ. The supervisor of the hotel discovers that Chiwetel was a doctor back in his homeland and blackmails him into doing a few operations, which he doesn't do. Well, he does one and it's quite clever. In the end, we see both characters in the airport. Audrey going one way and Chiwetel going back to his country to be with his daughter. 4 Daisy-girls.
  • Gangster Squad: This movie has a lot of nice looking people. Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn (I'm sure he was good looking once before), among others. Set in Los Angeles 1949, a crew of about 5 cops, known as the "gangster squad" are put together to take down, well you know. This squad is wanting to take one gangster by the name of Mickey. Mickey is the run of the town, he kills off any other gangster that wants to set foot and settle in L.A. The squad is looking to take him down and everyone else who is involved in this type of mess. There is a lot, I mean a SHITLOAD of shootings going on in the movie. The characters are great, the actors, the clothes, all very nice. This movie ran a bit long for me, but a well made movie about L.A. should not be complained about. I give this movie 4 Daisy-girls.
  • Ruby Sparks:  This movie had been on my moviewatch list for quite some time.A struggling writer deals with writer's block and hasn't written anything significant for about 8 years. He starts to dream of a gal and soon he is writing about her. He trips out, as I did, when he goes downstairs and sees this gal that he had been writing about in his kitchen making him breakfast. He thinks he's going crazy and she is just dumbfounded on his behavior toward her. He meets up with his brother and tells him what has happened. Of course, the brother doesn't believe him and soon the writer takes him home and shows him what he does. The writer types a few things and the gal does them. An example is of Ruby speaking French (which she wasn't aware she knows how to do). After some time of getting over all this shock, the writer embraces his relationship with her and all is great. he finally take her to meet his hippie parents and everyone falls in love with her. Later on, we see them have their first argument and Ruby is bored and suggests going to a night class. Well, this turns out to be great for her, but not for him. She starts getting a bit more independent and is hanging out with her classmates and not going home to him every night (she opts to go to her apartment, which was something that had not been mentioned in the movie until the arguing ensues).  He can't take this hardship and decides to be a dick and take control of Ruby in every aspect. He starts typing maniacally into his typewriter and Ruby is acting it all out (weird, crazy, impressive acting). She realizes what he is doing and tries to get away, only she can't. He finally reaches his typing orgasm and she collapses. As soon as she gets enough strength, Ruby leaves. The writer, realizing what he has down, goes back to being all alone and shit just like in the beginning of the movie. He publishes this book about Ruby, only every thing is changed in it, in hopes of not hurting a real "Ruby" out there. He is walking his dog and the dog runs to a gal, who happens t look EXACTLY like Ruby and they star talking as if it is the first time they have ever met. I give this movie 5 Daisy-girls.
  • The Hurricane: True story of how a boxer, Rubin Carter, played by Denzel Washington, was imprisoned for a killing he did not do. There's this cop, who has had it in for him since he was young. This bad cop is the kind that obsess over someone until they are arrested, even if they are not at fault. Rubin was a well-liked boxer who seemed to have it all. One night, he is driven home by a fan and is stopped by some cops. The witnesses to the shootings say that Rubin is not the shooter. Well this bad cop comes into the scene and pretty much bribes these witnesses into saying otherwise. So Rubin get incarcerated and tells the guards that he is not guilty. Therefore, he does not want to wear guilty man's attire. While in prison, he writes a book about his life, ups and down, all the way up to him being jailed. A kid picks up his book and decides to read it. Apparently this kid was "saved" from the downfalls of a ghetto life by these Canadians who wants this kid to have a chance of getting a good education. He starts to tell his mentors about Rubin's book and after reading the book, he decides he wants to write to Rubin. The kid then gets a response from Rubin and they start writing to one another. After some time, they meet up in jail and the Canadians also go. They decide to want to help Rubin out by taking on his case. Rubin is finally set free and goes on to live in Canada with these people that saved him. This movie came out in the late 90's, yet I had not seen it. It is quite a long movie, but it was good. I give this 4 Daisy-girls.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

DVR recorded movie ratings #30

I can't believe that I have been on vacation for the past 5 days and all I have managed to watch are 2 movies. With our 2 year anniversary and Christmas here and preparing for them, I don't know how the time just flew by. We didn't do anything big; it was just my hubby and me. oh, by the way...


It is Christmas morning right now and we are going to the movies today to watch American Hustle, but for now here are reviews from my DVR:
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild: This little girl, starring in this movie... I can see how she was nominated. She was GOOD and cute. Her dad, who is verbally abusive and Hushpuppy live in a rundown bayou along with other people. They make do with what they have, which isn't much. Dad gets sick and disappears for days, but then comes back and still verbally abuses her. Hushpuppy , although basically alone in this world, has neighbors that care for her, and at some point we also see dad taking interest in her, is radiant and sees the positive in what she has. She wants to find her mom, but only goes so far before returning to the bayou and the life she knows. I keep calling this movie by the wrong name (sorry), and I wasn't expected to like it as much as I did, but I give this movie 5 daisy-girls. 
  • Heaven: I don't really like the way this movie is described in some sites. It stars Cate Blanchett and Goivanni Ribisi. The movie starts out in Italian, and mixes in English throughout the movie. Cate puts a bomb in a building to kill a drug lord that she says is responsible for her husbands death (drug overdose), except, she ends up killing 4 innocent people. Why she would think the drug lord would be the only one killed/hurt in this big building where she placed the bomb is unbeknownst to me. I mean you put a bomb in a building, you know other people work there! Anyway, she gets arrested and since she wants to be tried in her native language (English), Giovanni (a police officer) becomes the interpreter.The police think that she works for an organized crime business or is a terrorist. He ends up falling in love with her (even though he just met her) and decides to help her escape. She also happened to be his younger brother's teacher. Giovanni ends up confessing his love to her and she is hesitant, but then also says she loves him. They both shave their heads and his dad gives them money so they can leave the country. It gets a bit wild in the end, but it was a pretty "huh, how did that happen" ending. I give this movie 4 Daisy-girls.
  • Revolutionary Road: Movie stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo De Caprio as a married couple in the 1950's. He works at a job, which he despises and she is a stay-home mother of two. They are both bored with their everyday lives, until she gets this brilliant idea of moving the family to France, where she will get a  secretarial job in an embassy. He is hesitant about the idea of this major move, but he gets talked into it and although he has a good job and is about to get promoted, he could care less about it. There is a lot of arguing with the couple and affairs happen. She gets pregnant by her husband and doesn't tell him. As soon as he finds some abortion paraphernalia, they argue some more and he tells her that they are not moving. She tries to convince him that it is for the best of the whole family, but more arguing ensues. Lots of shouting matches between the two, great acting. In the end, after another argument, she ends up aborting after all, but she doesn't do it properly and calls an ambulance. We see the husband sitting at a hospital and he is told that she didn't make it. I give this movie 5 Daisy-girls. Took me a while to actually watch this movie, and it was worth it. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

DVR recorded movie ratings #29

     It is 4:30am and I am wide awake for some unknown reason. I haven't really liked Sundays for the past 5 years. I can say 5 years because I never recall this happening back in L.A. I wake up just to check the time and mind starts to fill up with things I have to do for work on Monday or things that need to get done on Sunday. So, anyway, here I am wee early in the morning, wide awake, typing reviews for all of my own followers.
  • This Is 40: This movie stars Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd. They play a couple with two daughters and they are both turning 40. Leslie has a hard time dealing with it and Paul is just accepting to it as his next cupcake. It is a longish movie, but it has some parts ANYONE can relate to, no matter what age. I guess I can relate to it age-wise, other than that not really. Not a mom, don't own my own business, no mortgage, DEFINITELY do not have a body like hers. Like I said, it has it's moments and never a bore. I give this movie 4 Daisy-girls.
  • Valentine Road: Documentary about 14 year-old Larry who was shot by his classmate Brandon in 2008. Larry was a homosexual who wore it loud and proud on his sleeve and heart. He wore heels and make-up to school and flaunted it toward the straight boys. He was made fun of and bullied. He liked Brandon and had been telling others that Brandon and he were a couple (which was not true), Larry also had told his friends that he was going to invite Brandon to the school dance. Brandon got fed up with it all and turned on Larry. Teachers, friends, family were interviewed during the documentary. Some say that it was Brandon who was bullied by Larry, and others vice versa. As of now, Brandon is in jail, and a tree that a friend had planted on school grounds is not able to be dedicated to Larry, even as of now. It's quite a ripping documentary and after hearing both sides, one can still be torn of who caused what to happen. I give this movie 4 Daisy-girls.
  • Pitch Perfect: This was one of the movies that was shown on HBO during the free preview over Thanksgiving weekend. It was an okay movie. Lots of singing (obviously), reminded me of Glee (even though I have only seen 2 episodes). Ga wants to become a music producer, works at school radio station, has a love/hate relationship with a guy, dad disapproves of what she wants to do. Decides to give school a chance (thanks to dad bribing her to give it a year and he will fund her dream to come true), gets into a A Capella group and competes with other groups, finally wins at the end. I give this movie 3 Daisy- girls.
  • In Their Skin:  This movie could have been a lot better, more could have been done. A couple and their son go to their remote cottage up in the mountains, hills, forest and meet a couple with a son who give off a bad vibe. Strange couple ask strange questions and we soon learn that this strange couple want the other couples life because they see it as perfect. It is known that the couple had lost their daughter in a car accident. Well, there is not a big struggle or fight with the bad couple, kind of just blah. Not a total loss of a movie, but it could have been better. I give this movie 2 Daisy-girls.
  • Grace: Didn't catch the first 15 minutes f this movie, but husband dies in an accident and a new mom is forced to raise her daughter (which was stillborn due to the accident and has miraculously came back from the dead). Mom realizes something is up with the baby, not wanting to accept her breast milk. baby knaws on mom's boob til it bleeds and mom realizes that THIS is what the baby wants. Mom goes to the market, buys meat and drains the blood. Soon a doctor comes to see how she is doing and mom ends up killing him and giving is blood to the baby. Mom struggles with grandma and kills her, then it's shown that time has passed and mom's boob is pretty much shredded because the baby  is now teething. This movie is a bit gruesome, not much is told and we never find out what the fuck is going on with Grace (the baby), is she a vampire, demonic, just wants blood since she came back to life? Which is it? I feel there could have been more. I give this movie 3 Daisy-girls.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

DVR recorded movie ratings #28

     For some reason from my last post to this one, it seems much longer than a month ago. Perhaps, it's because there is so much going on. I'm not talking about shopping, which we avoided the day of Thanksgiving, BUT we did go out on Black Friday and it was pretty dead. I was referring more to actually working. Yes, I may work very close to our home, but I've been busting my ass with trying to clean (yes clean) my classroom, getting some curriculum going on in the class (instead of having handwritten sheets of stuff for the students to do), and just plain trying to organize the classroom. I'm not quite completely done with how I want everything to be, but for now, what I have done will do.
     We've also been pretty busy with the community events that are going on in and around Austin (we love it!). So, now that I've had numerous days off due to Thanksgiving, I figured I should watch some movies, that and HBO/Cinemax  were free for 4 days. Go DVR Go!
  • Drive: Okay, so I must admit, this was a movie I recorded, but not from a movie channel. It was playing on the Esquire Network and I'm quite sure that I missed a lot from the movie. I'll still review it and it was pretty good. Lots of names: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks, Ron Perlman, and many others. Ryan plays a mechanic/Hollywood stunt car driver/ getaway driver. He gets involved with Carey, and her hubby who just got released from jail. Things go wrong and there is a death count which involves almost everyone. The movie is a bit quiet, not a lot of dialogue, especially between Ryan and Carey, but it works. If it ever comes out on a movie channel without commercials or it being cut, I would watch it again. I give this movie 5 Daisy-girls.
  • Identity Thief: I love me some Jason Bateman, ever since Valerie's Family/ The Hogan Family. He is turning mighty nice looking for an everyday looking type of man. Once this movie was over, I told my Hubby that this was a  good free-type movie. As in, I would not rent this movie, or go watch this at the movie. It showed on HBO or Cinemax, one of the two and I recorded it. It was pretty okay, I've seen WAY worse, but it just seemed so long. I managed to do a load and a half of laundry, eat popcorn and ice cream (not together and I am on vacation man!), go online, read info on movies, download some music and the damn movie was still on. Guess I'm not used to comedy movies being 2 hours long. Anyway, it stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. It's pretty easy to see what this movie is about due to the title. She not only steals his identity, but a lot of identities. So much that she even has a credit card machine maker. Lots of fouls and comedic scenes, but just too long. I give this movie 2 Daisy-girls.
  • Little Voice: This movie was hilarious. It's about a gal (Jane Horrocks) who hardly talks and rarely ever leaves her house, which she shares with her mom (Brenda Blethyn) above their record store. Dad died some years ago and the only way this gal feels close to him is by listening to this old records (old as in 1930's and such). Anyway, the gal sings along at times and mom's date (Michael Cane) heard her and wanted in on how much he can get at his lounge for the cash cow. The mom is funny, I don't know if it has to do with her yelling, her actions, or just her attitude, but even my Hubby was laughing his ass off. So much that he even turned off the speakers on the computer while he was playing a game so he could hear the movie as I was watching it. The movie stars Ewan McGregor (yum), but he hardly has much of a role. Jane singing is all her own and she is magnificent! This movie came as quite a surprise and from time to time you need movies like that. Something to break the usual barrier of whether a movie will be good or bad. I give this movie 5 Daisy-girls.
  • Mama: I don't know if I have ever mentioned this, but every time there is a Spanish movie (not really from Spain, but Mexico and South America) playing in the theater or a movie channel, I am ALL for it. This movie, when it came out in the theater, I had been wanting to watch. It's also been on my watchlist from the time I saw the preview. I thought this was one of those oh-let's-take-a-foreign-movie-and-remake-it-with-American-actors, but it wasn't. The preview that I had seen (which caught my attention) was a very short clip of a movie that was in the making. The movie is basically about two little sisters who were abandoned by their dad (heh ya, abandoned) and were raised for the next five years by an unknown entity. The girls became feral during that time and when they were found (thanks to their uncle not giving up a search for the girls), they went to go live with the uncle and girlfriend after the court decided this would be the best choice for them. Strange stuff happens, the younger girl hardly talks, but is quick to say, "Mama." Well, it turns out that "Mama" the entity that raised the girls in the abandoned cabin in the woods, decided to invite herself along to moving in with the uncle too. Uncle gets hurt, so now the girlfriend has to raise and protect the girls from this entity that has become more violent, because she fears that the girlfriend would take the girls away from her (shown in past scenes, the entity had given birth, but her baby had been taken away from her at the nunnery. She then escapes with her baby and leaps off a cliff. Only thing is, the mom dies in the water, and the baby had hit a tree branch and died). So, she thought it was happening again. The ending gets a little iffy, but it was still a good movie. Reading more about it afterwards made it more haunting, especially the actor playing the entity/Mama and the rehearsal footage is creepy as fuck! I thought the girls were fantastic actors, the ones from the beginning of the movie (younger versions) to the girls who played the characters five years later. I give this movie 4 Daisy-girls. Almost 5, but not quite there.
  • The Condemned (Los Condenados): I saw this movie late at night when the Hubby was already asleep. I figured okay, once this movie creeps me out, I will put it on Animal Planet for a few minutes before falling asleep. That didn't happen and I watched the whole movie. Not worth the time. This movie is also Spanish, but it failed in the scary department for me. I've read about it and some reviews actually like it. I just felt there wasn't much there. There was a nice twist at the end, but other than that it didn't budge me from how I was sitting at all. Sure, the walls moved and such and you saw some shadows moving about, but nothing major. Girl takes her ailing dad back to the mansion where dad used to be a doctor caring for cancer kids. She wants to make a museum and everyone in the town does not want to take part in it. There are flashback scenes in which the doctor is talking to some moms saying that if we treat your child with this new radiation treatment, there may be side effects, but we are willing to pay you every month for the next 25 years. Of course, the parents went for it, seeing as it was in a kind of poverty area. Twist turns out that the "daughter" is not the young one we had been seeing throughout the movie, but she was an aged daughter who had repressed her memory into thinking otherwise. She had blocked off the idea that she had helped her dad (doctor) out and had been a nurse and was assisting him with the cancer kids. I give this movie 2 Daisy-girls. There wasn't much there for me.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DVR recorded movie ratings #27

Once again, it's been a while, or so it seems. Been busy trying to get my job interviews in check and not confuse the directors and the job sites. There's 3 potential places, I say potential because all 3 have called me back for either a second interview or a working interview. So, at this point, one of them better hire me. Some of these movies I've seen about two weeks ago and some more recently.
  • Exam: I had seen this movie about a year or so ago and it was playing again. My hubby and I both enjoyed it because it was more of a critical thinking suspense movie. 9 candidates are brought into a room for an exam which consists of a simple question, only the question is not really noticeable, at first. There are 2 rules, something to the affect of not tainting the exam and the other is not talking to the Invigilator or the guard on duty. Oh, plus, they have eighty minutes to come up with the response. The candidates don't know much about each other, except for their appearances. So, they come up with code names based on how they look. There is some threats, resistance, fights... breaking up among them, but yet no one leaves the room willingly, even after the guard escorts them out for breaking one of the two rules. It has it's twist moments and a-ha moments. I read some of the boards on and I'm not too thrilled by it, making it seem as if the movie was so-so and it wasn't really all that. I feel that they were/are wrong and I loved this movie. I wanted to see it again as soon as it was over to see if I could get the clues I had missed. In a way, it reminded me of, which is another GOOD movie. I give this movie 5 Daisy- girls.
  • The Master: Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams. Joaquin plays a navy veteran who returns back home and isn't himself. He feel disconnected and not happy of where his life is. He happens to come upon a boat while being out drunk. Next thing you know, Phillip is talking to Joaquin and apparently Joaquin had told Phillip that he was a sailor. At first the communication between them is a bit superficial without anyone wanting more than just work. Soon things change one night when they both start to talking about what Phillip does. He just so happens to be the Master of the Cause. He is very charismatic with his words and very charming to everyone around him. At first it seems as if he is just hypnotizing people and asking them questions about his past, but he wants it more as in to relive your past experiences and learn from them to become a better person. He gets called out on the Cause being a cult and his wife (Amy) is one to come to his defense. Damn, I want her as my wife. Joaquin soon involves himself So much into the Cause that he loses the little bit of faith he had in anything else, even himself. he becomes putty in Phillip's hands and Phillip is loving it. Showing others how he has helped Joaquin reclaim his life and how he is a new person. It's actually quite sad because we see Joaquin in the process of doing so and there is no one to stop him until Phillip decides Joaquin has had enough. The movie is long and monotone in a lot of pars. Overall, I give this movie 4 Daisy-girls, because I am still unsure of a few things in it.
  • Prometheus: Starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pierce, and a few others Okay, so I had read that this movie is supposed to be the prequel to the Alien franchise. Don't hit me, but I have only seen Alien Ressurection. I've seen parts of Alien and Aliens, but not one to claim I have actually seen the movies. This was another long movie and it was pretty interesting. It seemed to have started out good, but then it went all over the place. I don't know if it's cause it felt longer than it was, I was in the middle of making dinner, or what. Even my hubby pointed stuff out (WAY more than I did). There were just some stuff that was duh, other stuff was unexplainable, or not explained. As in, if they went to a planet/place that no other human had gone to and there is a perfectly lit tunnel with wires and such all over the place... Why The FUCK are you not going to question that or the fact of uhm...maybe we shouldn't be walking in this tunnel in the first place. Anyway, I can go on about the story, but in a nutshell here it is: Set in the future, undisclosed mission, find traces of early humanity, think human race came from here, they are wrong, aliens live there, aliens try and kill them and vice versa, struggle for survival. I give this movie 2 Daisy- girls.
  • Zero Dark Thirty: Movie about the capture of Osama bin Laden by the Navy S.E.A.L. Team 6. It was an interesting movie. It was also long, but it didn't feel as long as other movies. Sadly, it took 10 years to kill this motherfucker and we didn't even get a chance to glimp at this killer or even fucken torture him for what he had done. Anyway, I wish I had seen this movie much sooner. First of all I missed it in the theater, then it sat around on my DVR for quite some time because I didn't feel like watching a 2+ hour movie late at night. I give this movie 4, almost 5 Daisy-girls.
  • Blackfish: This movie had been on my moviewatch list on for quite some time. Then I saw that was going to air it on October 24, so I told my hubby to put that shit on the calendar. We didn't watch it right away, we waited until this past weekend and Oh MY FUCKEN GAWD! I don't like Seaworld as it is and this film made me hate it even more. Sadly, my cousin works/worked for them, but in the souvenir shop, but still within the family. About 10 years ago, she gave my mom and me passes to check it out, seeing as I had never been there. I wish I hadn't. There I was with my video camera handy and hoping (honestly REALLY hoping) that I was wrong about what I had read about this place. But, I wasn't wrong, I was right. We went to one of those aquarium where a wall is just a large window to look at the marine life and there at the bottom was a manatee, just floating, but not the usual floating you see. Some people asked the workers what was going on with him and they explained that it was tired. Hmm first smirk. Then we went to a dolphin show and there was a dolphin on the side making a lot of dolphin noises and half of its body was out of the water. Once again, when asked what was going on, the workers said it was greeting the audience and its trying to communicate with the people. Hmm again, second smirk. The day went on and there were more smirks, but anyway, overall experience, I did not enjoy it. I later mentioned this to my cousin and she said that the dolphin had died and the manatee was sick and may not recover. Okay, so going back to Blackfish, they had interviewed past killer whale trainers, past SeaWorld employees and they all pretty much said the same thing. That SeaWorld is just a front for mistreating the sea life animals. They were instructed what to say/do when questioned by the public, they lay claim that it was the trainers faults whenever they got mauled, bitten, killed by the killer whales. They tried to cover up the fact that Tilikum, the killer whale had never killed before and that it was all the trainers faults. There IS evidence that no killer whale has actually killed a human out in the wilderness. They showed the baby killer whales being separated from their moms and families and the families crying out to the babies for hours on end. It was a very informative, sad, disappointing, educating film. I dare anyone to see this and not feel affected by what they just witnessed. At the end of the film, it is noted that the filmmakers tried to get in contact with SeaWorld so that they may have their say, but SeaWorld  either declined/ or refused to be a part of the story. I give this film 5 Daisy-girls.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

DVR recorded movie ratings #26

 For some reason, I haven't been wanting to do these movie reviews. It's not that I don't care to do it anymore or I find it boring or that I don't know what to say about the movies, it's more of I've been feeling blah and don't really care to want to do anything I normally want to do. But regardless, if I'm watching movies, I should write about them.
  • Detachment: This movie stars Adrien Brody as a substitute teacher that is pretty much emotionally detached from everyone around him. He is dealing with his mother's tragic suicide from years ago, and his grandfather being on his death bed in the hospital. In one of the classes he substitutes, he meets a female student who has pretty much given up on herself due to a bad life at home and being bullied at school. He somewhat sympathizes with her, but is quick to pull back. It's too late, the student sees him as a someone to look up to and someone to confide in. He also comes across a teen prostitute who he feels bad for and has her come over to stay at his place. He feels as if he should help her out, but at the same time, he doesn't want any involvement in her life. The movie is pretty somber and quiet. It's a downer of a movie, but we can see why, with so much negativity going on around him. He wants to be engaged with people, but is also afraid to do so in the long run. After some time, he finally gives in that these people need him as much as he needs them, but before too long, there is a tragedy with the female student. He ends up helping the teen prostitute and in the end there is happiness and satisfaction for him. I give this movie 5 Daisy-girls.
  • Oz The Great And Powerful: This movie stars James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz, among others. This movie was really pretty with all the colors and it did kind of resemble The Wizard of Oz as far as scenery goes. Let it be known, that I was watching this movie in bed with my hubby sleeping next to me and I had to put the captions on because the movie goes from being quiet to REALLY FUCKEN LOUD. Especially when the flying monkeys (who looked with a cross between monkeys and rabid wolves) came on the scene or the Wicked Witch was screaming at Oz. But, regardless of that, the movie wasn't too bad and it was pretty entertaining. I give this movie 4 Daisy-girls.
  • The Perks Of Being A Wallflower: My best friend had given me this book as a gift years ago. I remember reading it and loving it. So, when word got out that a movie was being made based on the book, I felt a joy of glee. Then the fact that it was being made by the author of the book made it even more special. The movie stars Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, and Logan Lerman as Charlie, the main character. Charlie has gone through a lot in his short life. He goes back to school, but is shunned out by almost everyone and the fact that he has been in a hospital for quite sometime doesn't help him much. He has an older sister, but she is too busy with her boyfriend, who beats her up a few times. Charlie befriends Ezra and Emma's characters and a friendship develops. They are pretty much close in every aspect and everything seems fine and dandy except for a few teenage dilemmas. Such as Ezra being gay and having a closeted affair with a football player ( a big no-no in the athlete's life), and Emma who has had to deal with a bad reputation at such a young age for sleeping with older men. YES...MEN. Charlie then forms a bigger circle thanks to Ezra and Emma's long time friends but there is a struggle for a bit. Before long, the three best buddies are close again, thanks to Charlie beating the shit out of some football players. We see the dark side of Charlie and we also see how Charlie came to be the person he is (told in flashback mode) due to the guilt and "over-loving" coming from his best aunt who was killed in a car accident. Charlie got admitted to the hospital once again, but this time he was able to open up to the psych and there was a breakthrough in his thought process. In the end, Ezra and Emma leave for college (they are 3 years older than Charlie), but come back during the breaks to see and hang out with him. I give this movie 5 Daisy-girls. Nice to know who your true friends are.